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The Grapplers will pick up an amount equal to two-level half-ton pickup truck loads or 4 cubic yards which is equivalent to four 5'x3'x2' adjacent piles. All Grappler and Green Grappler items should be placed on the street at the curb, should be at least five feet away from all other items and obstacles, such as any other trash, furniture, trash container, cars, trees, and mailboxes. Keep Green Grappler items separate from the Residential Grappler items so they can be recycled into composted mulch. Residential Grappler: Examples of items the Grappler can pickup include extra trash, furniture, mattresses, and appliances. The Grappler cannot pickup any type of construction or remodeling material such as glass or mirrors, cast iron sinks or bathtubs, concrete, flooring, fluorescent bulbs or fixtures, hazardous waste, insulation or fiberglass, paint, roofing, toilets or any ceramic appliances, and vehicle parts. Green Grappler: Examples of items the Green Grappler can pickup include yard waste such as grass clippings, leaves, weeds, and tree branches. Green Grappler Requirements Ensure your tree branches are less than 5 feet in length and 5 inches in diameter. Stack your branches neatly on the street at the curb. Bag grass clippings and leaves in clear plastic bags. This is so the driver can see it is yard waste and not trash and will be taken to the appropriate landfill site.